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fail, me

elevator repairs at the eiffel tower

I can't believe I forgot to pimp this! THE MOST AMAZING CHUCK/BLAIR FIC YOU WILL EVER READ IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! What makes it so amazing:

1) it's future!fic
2) it's so IN character that you can practically see them saying the lines in your head (it's okay, you're not crazy)
3) written by this really kinda awesome and amazingly talented fic writer named Michelle falseeeyelashes
4) it's Chuck/Blair, okay!
5) *added bonus: it's for me, hence it's awesome. Yeah, I said it.

Leave many a wonderful comments, yes? Because the fic deserves it.

marketing is a dirty, dirty business
ab fab; patsy

D-E-D, dead.

[mood| pessimistic]
[music|"Nisam Je Probudio" - Plavi Orkestar]

I have 10 hours to decide what I want to do with my life. 10 FUCKING HOURS.
And I should sleep for at least 6 of them if I want my brain to function.

Fuck, I am so royally screwed.

(which do you guys prefer?)
ab fab; patsy


Let there be love, you guys. PIMP LIKE CRAZY SO EVERYBODY GETS LOVED, K?

Also, finally an official notice that my computer broke so I'm using my mother's computer. It's small and slow, I hate it and I shouldn't be using it. THERE. I'm probably coming back the week after this one if I figure out what's wrong with mah ~*~beast~*~

Okay, so I think this meme is a really great way to show your friends you appreciate them when they didn't even ask you to comment! D'oh that I'm supposed to be studying but I commented on ALL!! of your comments there and I made a lot so I gathered a list of thread links for people who are on my flist and who are friends of my friends and too lazy to go through the meme. Did that make any sense? Hmm, I don't think so. It's almost 2 AM, k.


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